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"Cue the Joshua Radin Song..." (NC-17)

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate of course, the grand high Mucky Mucks do, nevertheless, no copyright infringement is intended. No money was made from this and any similarity to any story not my own is coincidence, and because quite frankly, frelling is frakking in any universe. *grin*

Title: Cue the Joshua Radin Song...
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smutty, smut, smut
Timeline: Sometime season 4 SGA; two and a half months after Walking Elizabeth Home
Note: This is a "sequel" to Walking Elizabeth Home, but it's really just PWP smut, sooo...
Oh, be warned there may also be a high cheese/fluff factor going on. *grin*

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Cue the Joshua Radin Song…

Cameron fumbled with his keys, missing the lock as he tried to open his front door.

“Elizabeth…” he moaned, his voice urgent with desire even as she chased his pulse with her lips and teeth, rolling it like candy over her tongue.

“Oh God…”

The colonel reached around her, blindly trying to slide the key home. Two and a half months apart, with Elizabeth kept in semi-isolation, had filled them both with such a need for each other that they ached with it; were desperate to ease it; now.

Elizabeth bit gently at the curve of his neck causing him to moan and drop his keys. They hit the wooden porch with a hollow ringing clatter.


Elizabeth started to trail kisses up and along Cameron’s jaw line.

“Liz, I need to get the keys.”

“Mmm,” she hummed into his skin before finding his lips. She coaxed him into deepening the kiss, her tongue whispering secrets with his.

For a moment, they lost themselves in each other.

“Keys,” Cameron gasped when they finally took the chance to catch their breath.

Elizabeth nodded, trying to keep her hands to herself while the colonel bent down to retrieve his keys. She stepped behind him and waited with tightly clasped hands as he moved to open the door.

“Almost,” he told her, sliding the key home. “Almost.”

He opened the door before turning back to Elizabeth. She was immediately kissing him and Cameron pulled her with him inside. She reached back blindly, shutting the door behind them.

“Off,” she said, impatiently tugging his dark blue dress shirt from his black jeans.

He helped her, unbuttoning the shirt and tossing it to the floor before reaching for the hem of her embroidered ivory peasant blouse. It joined his shirt on the floor before his own impatient hands reached for the metal button of her jeans.

“Off,” he echoed, and unbuttoned her pants, helping her shuck the jeans to the floor as well.

The rest of their clothes followed suit, falling to the floor like autumn leaves until they were both naked as Cameron pressed Elizabeth to the closest wall. His hands grasped her hips and he lifted her up, letting her wrap her legs around his waist as he sank into her.

Elizabeth moaned, wrapping herself more tightly around him as Cameron thrust into her.

“God, Elizabeth…”


Then words failed her and she welcomed their absence. All she could do was feel and the only way that she could express it was with wordless moans and cries that fell from her lips like a song. Elizabeth closed her eyes and let herself be seduced by the sensations that were consuming her; the warmth of the wall at her back, the heat of Cameron’s mouth as he nuzzled gently on the curve of her neck, the breadth of his shoulders under her hands, the nearly overwhelming pleasure of feeling him moving so deeply inside of her.

“Elizabeth… God…” Cameron moaned.

She cried out, overcome by the deep, primal connection she felt to him as he thrust into her, bringing her to the edge. She urged him on with soft cries, desperately needing to fulfill the promise contained within that connection.

“Elizabeth…” he groaned in a voice that hummed against her skin as Cameron realized just how close to the edge she really was.


Cameron thrust into her as deeply as he could, pushing her over the edge and Elizabeth fell into a million glorious pieces, shuddering around him.

“So beautiful,” he whispered.

Elizabeth wrapped herself around Cameron as he stilled; waited.

“I’ve missed you,” she whispered finally, her breath warm in his ear.

“I can tell,” he teased playfully and she gave him a giddy, shaky laugh that turned into a gasp as Cameron shifted. She clung to him as he lifted her away from the wall and carried her to the living room, settling them on the large sofa.

“I’ve missed you too,” he said in a low voice as she straddled him more comfortably and slowly started to move.

“I can tell,” she echoed with a grin, seeking the best angle to bring him as deeply into herself as possible.

She gasped suddenly as he shifted, thrusting up into her movements. And when he brought his mouth to her nipple, sucking gently, she moaned.


She shifted again, and Cameron’s head fell back abruptly against the sofa. His eyes shuttered closed a moment under heavy lids and he moaned when she hit just the right angle.

“Lizabeth… Baby…”

Her pace became more urgent and they raced each other to the edge, pulling and pushing each other there. Then she came with a bright cry that Cameron added his own ragged one to.

“Baby?” she asked finally when she could catch her breath and collapse lightly against him.

Cameron chuckled.

“Well… Sunshine’s taken,” he replied with a grin as she raised an eyebrow. “And we already established that you don’t like Lizzie. So… Baby.”

“I don’t think anyone’s ever called me that,” Elizabeth said thoughtfully.

“Liz, you’re with a good country boy now,” he teased. “I think it’s in the book that I’m supposed to call you Baby,” he added with a chuckle.

“Baby,” she said to herself, rolling the endearment over her tongue experimentally.

Suddenly a soft rumble interrupted them. Elizabeth gave him an embarrassed look and Cameron laughed gently.

“If you were hungry, Elizabeth, we didn’t need to leave Arturo’s before we had eaten something.”

She quirked her lip and gave him a playful look before rocking her hips slightly. “Yes we did,” she replied.

“Yeah… yeah I guess we did,” Cameron agreed with a lopsided grin. “Well…” he drawled as she slipped off of his lap and stood up, looking for their clothes. “I don’t know exactly what I have, but maybe I have the ingredients for omelets or something.”

She looked at him with a small measure of surprise. “I didn’t know you could cook. You might really be the perfect man,” she teased.

He gave her a look before finding his boxers and pants and heading into the kitchen.

“We’re in luck,” he called. “We have eggs, avocado, and gjetost cheese, the perfect ingredients for an omelet.”

Cameron looked over as Elizabeth entered the kitchen, wearing his blue shirt with the first few buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up. He smiled.

“It looks good on you.”

She smiled back in response before asking, “So, what can I do?”

“Here,” he said, offering her a small bowl with eggs in it. “You can separate these while cut up the avocado.”

Elizabeth took the bowl from him and washed her hands before proceeding to separate out the egg whites. They fell into a comfortable silence as they worked. Then, when the omelets were finally done, Cameron handed her the plates and took out two mugs for coffee. He followed her into the dining room.

Elizabeth smiled when she had settled and taken her first bite. “You really can cook,” she teased.

“Mom always said that the way to impress a woman was to be able to cook,” Cameron responded with a smile. “And she said the way to make her fall in love with you, was to do the dishes after you had.”

“Well, consider me impressed,” Elizabeth said lightly. “And I guess we’ll just have to see about the love part,” she added with a mischievous grin.

Cameron gave her a lopsided grin of his own before taking a sip of coffee.

“Mmm… finally, something besides base food,” Elizabeth said after a moment. “Rodney was so wrong, blue jello doesn’t make it all worth it.”

She looked over to Cameron.

“What?” she asked when she saw his quiet, sober look.

“Your observation period is over,” he replied, not needing to add the implied question of what Elizabeth was going to do now.

She looked down, studying her plate.

“Georgetown has offered me my teaching position back. I could return to classes in the fall.”

Cameron was silent.

“But General Landry also spoke to me today. It’s why I was late to meet you.”

The colonel listened, resisting the urge to ask questions or push her for answers.

“Landry said that they have considered your suggestion and have agreed to it. He wanted to know what my decision would be if I were offered a place in the program.”

She continued to look down to her plate as she fell silent herself. Eventually, Cameron had to ask, “And…”

“I’m still not sure how good an idea it is for me to be on your team,” she replied slowly.

“I see.”

She finally looked over to him. “But I’m willing to try if you are.”

Slowly, Cameron smiled as her words sank in. “Really?”

“Really,” she replied. “If nothing else, at least until you can, get the band back together,” she quoted him.

Then she got up, gathering her dishes before taking his from him. She kissed him softly.

“I’m already in love I think, so you don’t need to do the dishes this time,” she said lightly before heading in the direction of the kitchen.

After a few moments he joined her, noticing that while she had placed the dishes in the sink, instead of cleaning them, she was looking seriously for something.


She gave a guilty start.

“Liz, what are you looking for?”


“Liz?” he said, giving her a curious look.

She sighed and tilted her head in embarrassed resignation. “I was looking for chocolate,” she admitted quietly.

Cameron chuckled. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I have any. No, wait…” he said.

He reached past her and into a cabinet, pulling something out. He wobbled it slightly in his hand and Elizabeth saw that it was a bottle of chocolate sauce. She reached for it, but he kept it from her, smiling at her expression.

“Uh uh,” he chided and stepped back until the bump of the breakfast nook table against his legs made him stop.

“I seem to recall that we had a deal,” he said with a mischievous grin. “Chocolate for my shirt back,” he reminded her, not really expecting anything, but enjoying teasing her.

Elizabeth gave him a slow, sensuous smile though, and her hands went to the top buttons. Cameron watched, entranced as she undid each button in slow motion until the shirt hung loose from her shoulders. She shrugged them lightly, and the shirt fell to the kitchen tile with a soft swish. She smiled and gave him an expectant look.

The colonel gave her his own smile in response and opened the bottle of sauce with a small snick. He put a small amount of chocolate sauce on his index finger and held it up in silent challenge.

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow, but made her way over to where he stood. Deliberately, she invaded his space, letting him feel the warmth of her so close before turning her attention to his finger. She eyed it and licked her lips very slowly. Then suddenly, she grabbed the bottle instead and tried to skip back.

Cameron laughed in surprise but was quick enough to get an arm around Elizabeth and pull her back tight against himself.

“Not what you were expecting I take it?” she asked innocently. “Were you expecting something more like this instead?”

Elizabeth leaned over and closed her mouth around his finger. Then she sucked gently, her tongue curling around to catch every bit of chocolate.

“Everything about you… about us… is unexpected, Elizabeth,” Cameron admitted in a somewhat ragged voice.

She released his finger and met his eyes.

“Everything,” he repeated. “And I’ve never looked forward to the unexpected more,” Cameron added honestly.

He reached for the bottle of chocolate and put another small amount on his finger before brushing his fingertip over Elizabeth’s lips. She licked it off slowly and the colonel kissed her, chasing the taste of chocolate with his tongue. Then gently, he painted her pulse, brushing a small amount of chocolate at the hollow of her throat. Elizabeth titled her head back and Cameron kissed the warm skin beneath the chocolate, pleased by how her pulse sped up as he did so.

Then slowly he turned them both so that the table was to Elizabeth’s back. He set the sauce down and helped her lay back. She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow.

“You know what’s nice after a good meal?” Cameron asked almost conversationally slipping out of his boxers and jeans.

“Dessert?” Elizabeth replied with a small smile.

“True,” the colonel conceded. “But besides that, there’s something that we haven’t done in a very long time, and I think that it would be perfect right now.”

He grinned at her slightly bemused expression.

Go,” he suggested with a seductive grin.

Go?” she echoed, her voice clearly puzzled.

“We haven’t played Go together in a very long time,” the colonel said, running his fingertips down her midline, throat to navel and causing Elizabeth to sigh as she arched up from the table beneath his touch. “I’ve missed it.”

His fingertip traced a small pattern of lines over her skin, using her freckles as guiding points. Elizabeth sighed softly, arching into his touch once more.

“I think we should play a game.”

He reached for the bottle and placed a drop of chocolate sauce over a freckle on her shoulder.

“Of course,” he drawled before leaning down to lick the spot clean. “We’ll have to use more of our imagination for the white pieces,” he murmured into her skin. Another drop of chocolate fell and Cameron’s warm caress removed it. “But it should still be a good game I think,” the colonel drawled.

“Black…” He let a drop of chocolate cover a freckle on her breast. Then tenderly he licked it away in a warm kiss. “White…” Again, the pattern repeated itself. “Black…” he murmured, moving down her body.


Cameron placed some of the sticky sweet on Elizabeth’s right nipple. Her gasp became a moan as he took it in his mouth.

“Very important placement for this piece… strategic…” he breathed into her skin, before using his teeth to capture her nipple and his tongue to caress it.

“Ahhh…” Elizabeth half gasped, half moaned, writhing beneath him.

“Of course…”

Cameron dripped chocolate sauce onto her other nipple and quickly captured it with his mouth.

“Black would have to take this place in response…”

He teased Elizabeth until her breath was coming in soft pants.

“They’d be balanced now… so white and black would each have to try and capture a piece.”

Cameron circled each nipple in turn but didn’t touch either one with chocolate or a kiss.

“Which one do you think would capture?” he asked in a low voice.


“Well, because there’s the no-ko rule Elizabeth, remember…”

He took her right nipple back into his mouth. “I think black might,” he murmured, splaying his hands on her hips a moment when her writhing became almost wild.

“But white might find the best spots lower on the board.”

Cameron put a few drops of chocolate into her navel and Elizabeth arched up into the gentle pressure of his mouth as he slipped his tongue into the warm depression.

“Black may have just won the battle, only to lose the war.”

He placed a small drop of sauce a little above her dark curls and watched it slip down a slow, inevitable path lower.

“White has the better territory…” Cameron drawled before finally following the sweet line of chocolate and slipping his tongue inside of her.

He was instantly intoxicated by the heady taste of chocolate and Elizabeth. He rolled it on his tongue, savoring it, and Elizabeth’s cries, as she abandoned herself to the pleasure that she was feeling; that he was giving her. And he suddenly realized that it wasn’t sex with Elizabeth that he had missed for two and half months, it was this. It was making love to her on the kitchen table. It was her giving herself completely over to him. It was the incredible need he had to connect with her, to breath her in like oxygen.

“Elizabeth… my ‘Lizabeth,” Cameron murmured into her skin like a prayer as he realized that he needed her like his own heartbeat. “My ‘Lizabeth.”

“Oh my… Cam…” Elizabeth couldn’t help moaning, her body arching up from the table as she gripped the table cloth beneath her.

Cameron used his hands on her hips again to steady them both as he found where she was most sensitive and used his teeth and his tongue to caress her.

“God, Elizabeth you taste so good…” he groaned then, overwhelmed by sensation and emotion “So damn good…”

He tipped his eyes upward, watching her from beneath heavy lids.

“Come for me, Elizabeth,” he urged her, his breath hot against her. “Come for me, Baby”


“Yes, Baby… I want to taste it… I want to make you come and taste it on my tongue, knowing that it’s because of me…”

Cameron held her hips as he teased her with his mouth, pushing her relentlessly to the shimmering edge until she came with an overwhelmingly ecstatic cry.

After a few moments, he helped her sit up on the edge of the table as she shuddered softly.

“You’re right,” she whispered then in a breathless sort of voice. “A game of Go was a very good idea.”

He chuckled, a deep masculine sound that shivered against her skin.

She looked down and placed a warm hand around his erection. Cameron’s chuckle changed to a low moan.

“But as much as I like winning, it hardly seems fair that you haven’t,” Elizabeth murmured.

“Oh that’s where you’re wrong, sweetheart,” the colonel drawled in a low voice, sliding himself through the circle of her hand. He placed his own hands back on her hips.

“I can still have a chance to win, if we ignore the no-ko rule.”

He pressed himself to her.

“Tag…” she murmured and Cameron slid into her in a long, smooth motion.

Elizabeth wrapped herself around him and he started to thrust gently into her. For a moment, she tried to urge him to move faster, but he held her hips tighter, encouraging her to take him slowly.


He kept to his quieter rhythm, making certain that she felt every long, sure stroke.

“I want to consider my moves, ‘Lizabeth; savor them,” he told her.

He pulled himself almost completely out of her before thrusting slowly, burying himself in her again.

“Oh God, Cam…” she moaned, wrapping herself around him tightly as she felt the start of something enormous building between them.

“I need…”


“I need…”

“Elizabeth, look at me,” he urged her, still moving in a slow, patient rhythm.

She met his eyes, and for a moment, he saw her soul laid bare before him.

“Tell me what you need, Elizabeth.”

“You; I need you,” she confessed, her heartbeat in each word.

“You have me,” he said honestly in a quiet voice.

And Elizabeth felt something awaken in her, pushing aside any lingering doubts that may have been haunting her for the last two and a half months. Something long dormant, even before Simon, stirred itself from too long a time of somnolence.

“I love you,” Elizabeth said before she had even realized she was going to say it.

Cameron met her eyes. He kissed her. “I know,” he whispered. “I love you too.”

Elizabeth sighed then and threw back her head, giving herself over to the moment. Cameron slid his hands up her spine and she arched back against their support, meeting the colonel’s slow thrusts with her own elegant movements.

When the orgasm washed over them, it was bigger than either of them had expected and shuddered through them almost violently. Elizabeth shook with the power of it and clung to Cameron almost desperately. Cameron himself, was nearly overwhelmed and buried his face in the curve of Elizabeth’s shoulder.

“God Elizabeth,” he whispered into her warm skin with a ragged voice.

Both were silent then, simply clinging to each other and knowing that there were no words adequate enough to be used between them for what had just happened. Elizabeth kissed Cameron’s temple softly and he raised his head from her shoulder. She smiled; a radiant smile that the colonel was certain that he had never seen before, but definitely wanted to see again, and possibly for the rest of his life.

She touched a sticky spot on her shoulder with a small look of wry amusement.

“Just down the hall,” Cameron said with a grin. “You can go first, I’m going to clean up a little in here.”

Slowly, on legs that were more than slightly unsteady, he moved away from her. Elizabeth stepped down from the table somewhat weakly herself. She kissed him and made her way down to the bathroom.

Cameron finished cleaning up the dinner dishes and the kitchen before snagging two large towels from the hall linen closet. He knocked on the bathroom door and opened it to be greeted by a wet rush of steamy air.

“Elizabeth, I couldn’t remember if I had any towels in here, so I brought you one.”

The shower door slid open slightly and the former Atlantean leader ducked her head out of the shower. Then slowly, she slid the door open far enough to reveal a very wet, very soaped up Elizabeth Weir.

“Join me,” she suggested with a playfully seductive smile.


“Haven’t you heard, it’s an excellent way to conserve water and we should all do our part,” she argued mischievously.

Cameron hesitated a moment longer before joining her. And only a few moments after that, things started to head down a naturally predictable path between them.

“You know,” Cameron drawled eventually, wrapping his arms around her to slip soapy hands over Elizabeth’s breasts. “I do have a bedroom, with a bed and everything. We should really try and make it there at some point this evening.”

She laughed breathlessly.

“Probably…” she agreed, even as she smoothly rocked her hips back against his in a slow slide of wet friction. Cameron groaned and slid his hands to her hips, keeping her tight against him.

“But not just yet…” Elizabeth countered. She braced her own hands against the cool blue shower tiles and continued to move against him in rocking, wet motions.

Cameron groaned, unbelievable aroused by Elizabeth’s naked desire.

“Not just yet,” he agreed and slid into her with a low moan, surprised at just how amazing it felt to press himself against her, all slippery and wet.

“Yes…” Elizabeth sighed in pleasure before abandoning words.

Cameron’s cries intertwined with hers joyfully, echoing what was happening with their bodies. And all else was bright, quick, and fiercely passionate as they raced to join each in a moment of complete union.

“Baby…” he murmured in Elizabeth’s ear, shuddering against her afterwards as the overwhelming cries of his climax quietly calmed and became soft whispers throughout his body.

“I think… I think that I may start to like it when you call me that,” Elizabeth confessed after a moment, her voice thoughtful. She felt, more than saw, Cameron smile against her neck.

Slowly, their shivers started to come from another source as the water began to chill their skin. The colonel reached back blindly and shut the water off.

“Come on…” He slipped away from her and offered her a hand. She took it, and sliently stepped out of the shower with him. They stayed in comfortable silence as they wrapped themselves in towels and he took her hand in his again. Cameron lead Elizabeth back in the direction of the foyer and then up the stairs. He smiled when they reached his bedroom door and pulled her into the room with him.

Elizabeth looked to the large bed with it’s simply carved wooden headboard.

“A bed and everything,” she said with a smile in her voice.

Cameron smiled in reply and finally released her hand to walk over to the dresser in the corner.

Elizabeth herself moved to examine a shelf along the wall.

“This is your family?” she asked, reaching over to lightly brush her finger down the smooth metal frame of the photograph before her.

“What?” he asked, turning to look over to her.

He finished tying the drawstring of his gray sweats, grabbed the black t-shirt he had also taken out of the dresser, and walked over to Elizabeth.

“Oh yeah, that’s me with parents on the farm in Kansas,” Cameron said, looking over her shoulder. “It was taken when Vala and I went to Auburn for my high school reunion.”

Elizabeth gave him a questioning expression.

“Don’t ask,” the colonel advised with a wry grin.

Elizabeth smiled and picked up another photograph of two young boys, each on the back of a small, shaggy pony.

“Me and my brother,” the colonel said.

“You both look so happy,” Elizabeth commented.

“Yeah, but what you don’t see, is that after that picture was taken, my brother broke his arm,” Cameron replied.

Elizabeth turned to him.

“We got the brilliant idea to play knights,” he explained. “And decided that we needed to joust. We outfitted ourselves in pillows and football gear and went for it. But before we could even get close to each other, my kid brother fell from his pony, all that armor was too heavy. He hit the ground, and snap, broke his arm. He was in a cast all that summer.”

Cameron took the photo from Elizabeth and looked at it fondly for a moment before putting it back.

“I think he still blames me to this day,” the colonel said with a good natured grin. “Says because of me and my idea, he lost what could have been the best summer of his life.”

Elizabeth watched his face as he spoke about his family and knew that any thought she might have even considered about not continuing a relationship with him had just flown out the window.

“What?” he asked her, noticing her expression.

She shook her head slightly. “Nothing… nothing… I was just thinking that maybe I did miss something after all in not having any brothers or sisters.”

“Oh, it’s a not all fun and games,” he replied with a wry grin.

Then he handed her the black t-shirt that he had been holding in his free hand.

“Here,” he said with smile. “You can wear this to sleep in.”

Elizabeth took the shirt from him as he walked over to the bed. He turned to look back at her, taking a moment to admire just how wonderful she looked wearing his t-shirt. He wasn’t sure that he would ever get tired of seeing her like that, especially knowing that she would be in his arms, in his bed with him in the next few minutes.

“Come here,” he suggested softly, getting into the bed and pulling down the covers for her.

Elizabeth allowed herself a moment to take in the sight of Cameron waiting patiently in bed for her to join him. And abruptly, she felt her heart skip a few beats. She suddenly realized that the relationship she was in with this man was either one of the best things that had ever happened to her, or one of the most terrifying.

“Probably both,” she whispered under her breath.


She joined him, standing by the side of the bed.

“Come here,” Cameron repeated tenderly, holding a hand out to her.

Elizabeth took it and slid into bed with him. He lay back and she settled herself against his chest. Cameron wrapped his arms around her as they gently entangled themselves in each other.

Elizabeth made a small contented sound then.

“Comfortable?” Cameron asked, shifting slightly so that he could caress her back with soft, slow strokes.

“More than comfortable,” she replied. “Especially if you keep doing that.”

“That can be arranged,” he responded, his hand moving warmly over her back.

Elizabeth made another contented sound and moved more completely into his caress.

“This has been a very nice date,” she said softly after a few moments. “We should go back to Arturo’s soon.”

Cameron chuckled softly and Elizabeth smiled into his chest, feeling his laugh hum over her skin.

“Yeah, and maybe next time we’ll even stay to eat,” he teased.

“Maybe… of course…” Elizabeth said lightly before kissing his chest. “We could always stay in…”

“Just as long as it doesn’t take another two and half months for our next date… I missed you…”

“You might change your mind when you start seeing me everyday,” Elizabeth replied softly.

“I don’t see that ever happening, Liz.”

He felt, more than saw, her smile.

“That’s because you’ve never worked with me before,” she countered.

“I’ve read the reports,” Cameron replied. “Stubbornly persistent and sometimes single-minded in her determination… almost always opposed to the military solution… never sleeps…”

“Ooh…” she hit him ever so slightly on the chest.

“But apparently not completely opposed to hitting her team leader…”

She hit him again lightly and Cameron retaliated by tickling her side. Elizabeth gave a surprised laugh and tried to move away from his hand.

“And also apparently very ticklish,” he added in an amused tone.

He brushed another teasing movement of fingertips along her side. The former Atlantean leader gave what could only be described as a squeal of laughter and tried to roll out of Cameron’s arms. Very quickly, it became a playful tussle, the sheets tangling around them until Elizabeth found herself pinned beneath the colonel.

They were both intimately aware of when the moment shifted from innocently playful to something else.


Within the space of a heartbeat, his lips fell to hers in a kiss.

“God, your mouth…” he said, almost delirious with passion.

“Besotted…” Elizabeth gasped in response.


“Besotted… I never thought I’d use that word,” she replied, her voice wondrously breathless. “But I think we’re both besotted…”

“Completely…” Cameron agreed as he continued to kiss her. “Your mouth… God, I love kissing you…”

Elizabeth moaned into his mouth and wrapped her legs around his hips, rocking hers against him and reminding Cameron of all the other things that he loved doing with her.

They made love then like they wanted to drown themselves in each other, finally ending up in an utter tangle of sheets and limbs as a contented lethargy filled them both.

“Comfortable?” the colonel asked, echoing himself.

Elizabeth shifted until she was breathing softly into the heated skin of his shoulder.

“Now…” she murmured in a lazy, satisfied sort of voice that made Cameron smile in a pleased fashion.

For a moment, they drifted in a warm silence.

“Besotted?” Cameron asked then with a smile in his voice.

“What else would you call it?”

“Oh, I would call it just that,” he assured her kissing her softly on the temple. “Because I, for one, am completely besotted with you. I’m just agreeing with you, I never thought that I would use that word. It makes us sound a little like we’re in a Jane Austen novel or something.”

He chuckled, and without looking, said, “And don’t raise your eyebrow at me like that, Elizabeth Weir, yes, I read more than mission reports.”

Cameron felt Elizabeth’s smile against his skin.

“Duly noted, Colonel,” she teased affectionately.

He tickled her quickly in retaliation before they both settled again.

“Sleep now,” he urged her, shifting so that she was cradled more comfortably in his arms.

She made a small sound of agreement and they both fell asleep lulled by the sound of their heartbeats finding a quiet rhythm together…

Elizabeth reveled in the feeling of warm sunshine washing over her, almost a forgotten sensation after three months on the Odyssey, followed by two and a half months underground in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. She kept her eyes closed, letting the sunlight dance behind her eyelids in warm patterns as she shifted slightly in her lotus position on the deep carpet, moving so that more of the sunlight caressed her naked skin.

The former Atlantean leader let the moment seduce her into a state of contentment, the first that she had really had since being forced to leave the City. She focused on the feeling; let the warmth of the sunlight caress her, the peace of her breathing fill her, and welcomed the pleasant ache of her satisfied body as she shifted again.

In this state of mind, Elizabeth smiled to herself when she heard Cameron shifting in the bed, sheets rustling as he moved. A part of her knew that she should be embarrassed when she felt his quiet attention caressing her, but she ignored it. Instead, Elizabeth let herself enjoy the feeling of him watching her.


“Did you know that you snore?” she asked him affectionately.

“What, I don’t…” he protested lightly, his voice still somewhat sleep blurred.

“And you smile in your sleep,” she added before he could say anything else. “This sort of deeply contented sort of expression.”

She heard him sit up in bed.

“Well now, that I can believe,” he replied in a pleased sort of voice. “I do have a lot to smile about after all. But…”

Elizabeth heard him slide out of bed and settle himself in front of her. She opened her eyes and looked into his indescribably blue ones.

“I do not snore,” he insisted.

The former Atlantean leader smiled but said nothing else.

“Okay, so maybe one or two of my team members… may have mentioned that I snore on occasion,” the colonel admitted. “But it’s not loud, or all the time,” he said, defending himself.

He smiled then, deliberately taking the sight of Elizabeth in as she sat lotus position on the floor.

“And speaking of little quirks, sweetheart,” Cameron drawled, lightly brushing his fingertips over her breast and causing her to shiver. “Not that I’m objecting or anything, but why are you sitting naked on my bedroom floor?”

He brushed his hand along her leg, smiling softly when she sighed and closed her eyes again in response.

“The sunshine,” she replied finally.


“It felt nice; the sun on my skin,” she admitted after a few moments. “I missed it on the ship and at the SGC. And you were still asleep, so…” her voice trailed off into another sigh as Cameron caressed her arm, his fingertips chasing the sunlight from her shoulder to her wrist.

“Thank you sunshine,” he murmured.


Cameron chuckled.

Elizabeth opened her eyes again and looked into his. “Stop that,” she chided affectionately.

He grinned shamelessly, but stopped.

“So… show me this,” he said after a moment, giving a small nod to indicate the way that the former Atlantean leader was sitting. “That doesn’t look anything like what you were doing on the ship; a lot less pretzel, a whole lot more relaxing.”

“I know it’s not four in the morning, but you don’t want to go for a run instead?” Elizabeth asked with a small smile.

The colonel gave her another cheeky grin, sliding out of his sweats. “Oh, this looks like something I’d enjoy a lot more,” he teased, settling himself in front of her but taking care to not block the sunlight as much as possible.

For a moment, Elizabeth seemed somewhat taken off guard, but then she smiled softly and shook her head.

“You’re impossible.”

“I prefer the word incorrigible, thank you,” he replied with a unabashedly playful grin. “Now, how do I do that?”

Elizabeth sighed, shook her head slightly, and smiled.

“Fold your legs like this,” she instructed, showing him how to cross his legs and pull them up close to his body. “Now, relax your hands and put them on your knees; then just breath.”

“That’s it?”

“This asana is used mostly for meditation. It forces you to still everything and focus… your breathing, your heartbeat, your thoughts…”

Elizabeth smiled and closed her eyes to absorb the warmth of the sunlight once more. Even with her eyes closed though, she could feel the heat of Cameron’s regard. For a moment, she was almost overwhelmed by it, but then slowly, she allowed herself to sink into it’s warmth, feeling it like the rays of another sun on her skin.

“Oh… I can do that…”

“You’re supposed to focus inward,” the former Atlantean leader admonished gently.

“Well now, that I’m not sure I can do, not when there’s someone else I would like to focus on so much more,” Cameron replied in a deep voice.

Elizabeth couldn’t keep the smile from her lips.

“I’m not sure you’re appreciating the purpose or pleasure of the lotus position,” she said lightly.

“So, that’s what this is called?” Cameron asked, brushing his hand lightly over her leg.

“Yes,” she replied in a soft sigh of a voice.

“The lotus position…” he echoed thoughtfully.

Elizabeth heard Cameron shifting in front of her before feeling him trail a caressing hand from the hollow of her throat and down to the valley between her breasts.


His fingers danced along her skin, tracing an inward spiral until he reached her right nipple. Then, gently, he teased the dusky tip of her breast, his fingertips brushing over it and causing her to gasp.


“Maybe you’re right,” he murmured, leaning forward to replace his fingertips with his mouth.

She gasped in surprised bliss as her eyes flew open.

“I’m not sure that I fully appreciate the pleasure of this lotus position,” he said in a low voice as he continued to caress her. Then he captured her nipple gently with his teeth and Elizabeth moaned softly, arching into the caress.

“Of course…” he drawled after a few moments, finally leaning back and resettling himself in front of her. “I seem to recall reading that there’s another lotus position in the sutras.”

Cameron gave her a suggestive grin.

Elizabeth licked her lips and bit gently on the bottom one before unfolding her legs. She reached over and ran her hands up along Cameron’s own folded legs before slowly moving to wrap herself around him, her legs twining around his hips.

“More than mission reports,” she whispered.

“World Cultures and Religions in university,” he replied with a lopsided grin before taking one of her nipples in his mouth again.

“Cameron…” Elizabeth gasped, arching backward and trusting that he would catch her.

“I love you, ‘Lizabeth,” he murmured against her skin like a prayer, splaying his hands wide on her lower back. Almost reverently, he caressed her, using his lips and tongue until Elizabeth’s breath was coming in small pants.

Finally, Elizabeth moaned and slid her hands down Cameron’s chest before leaning back up in his arms.

“I love you,” she whispered, resting her forehead against his. And for a moment, they stayed like that, lost in each other. Then slowly, Elizabeth slid her hand lower. Gently, she curled her fingers around his erection.


She kissed him and began to move her hand slowly, teasing him all along his length until he was practically humming with need. Then gently, Elizabeth shifted and used her hand to guide him into her.

“Oh God, Baby…” Cameron moaned.

He felt her warm gravity pull him in and he joyfully abandoned himself to it. Almost deliriously, he lost himself in the moment, watching Elizabeth’s face as she sought her pleasure. And when she did come, it was like Cameron could see the face of heaven.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, soft and deep.

Elizabeth shuddered in his arms.

“You’re so beautiful,” he repeated, knowing that he would never get tired of seeing her warm and satisfied in his arms. “Do you know how beautiful you are?”

“Only because you’ve shown me.”

Cameron smiled and kissed Elizabeth before sliding his hands to her hips. Carefully, he rose and carried her the short distance to the bed.

She gave him an unabashedly cheeky grin and wrapped herself around him. “Missionary…”

“University too,” he replied with his own playful smile before slowly starting to move in her.

Elizabeth moaned, low and soft.

“My ‘Lizabeth…” he whispered tenderly. “My ‘Lizabeth…”

Elizabeth looked into Cameron’s eyes and was nearly overwhelmed by the depth of emotion she saw there. She wrapped herself more tightly around him, letting it wash over her and feeling its pull like the distant song of the stars.

“Yes, Cameron…” she breathed, knowing that there was an echoing song in her own voice. “Yes…”

Gently he slid his hands over her to legs and guided her wrap them higher up around his waist.

“Oh God…” she gasped as Cameron filled her completely.

Together then they found a rhythm; an ebb and tide of gravities. Elizabeth clung to him, her nails marking stars and moons on his shoulders where she gripped them. And when she came, shattering into a million bright stars herself, Cameron caught her cry with a kiss and his own deeper, ragged exclamation.

“Am I too heavy?” the colonel asked after a moment, his breath hot against the subtle curve of Elizabeth’s shoulder. “Do you need me to move?”

Elizabeth made a small sound to assure him that he wasn’t, quietly realizing that she actually welcomed the heavy feel of him above her. He felt solid and real, something the former Atlantean leader almost desperately craved. But it was more than that she finally acknowledged; Cameron felt like home.

She hadn’t expected that.


Smoothly, he rolled them both until she was resting above him. He reached a hand out to gently brush away the teardrops still clinging to her eyelashes.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m all right,” she assured her. “I’m fine.”

“Then why are you crying sweetheart?”

She kissed him softly and Cameron could taste the sweet and the salt on her lips.


She kissed him again and only stopped when they were both too breathless and dizzy to continue. She rested her head on the warmth of his shoulder.

“I just realized that Atlantis isn’t my home anymore.”

“Elizabeth,” Cameron said softly, mistaking her meaning and rubbing her back sympathetically.

“No,” she said softly, shifting so that she could look him in the eyes. “You don’t understand. I still miss Atlantis of course, but it isn’t my home.”

She lay a hand lightly on Cameron’s cheek. “It isn’t home,” she repeated, unable to say anything more, but willing him to somehow understand.

“Welcome home,” he whispered.

Elizabeth smiled and kissed him…

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