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The Five Things That SG-1 Had Discovered on the Kitchen Counter

The Five Things That SG-1 Had Discovered on the Kitchen Counter

*added because I'm a word and am having a day*
Pairings: Daniel/Vala (Number 2), Rodney/Sam (Number 3) and Cameron/Elizabeth (Number 5)

1. He could cook. He really could. Cameron kept trying to convince his team, that he could cook, and was good at it. He learnt from his Momma, and just because his macaroons weren't any good, didn't mean he couldn't cook. He proved it, making his team sit at the kitchen counter, wine in hand as he placed plates onto the counter and handed forks. Twenty minutes later, the plates were cleaned and they admitted, Cameron could cook.

2. Daniel was reading the morning paper and drinking his coffee. The morning routine that was Sunday, he had the radio playing softly in the background as he read. He heard Vala walk into the kitchen, her bare feet were a dead give-away as she hated to wear slippers. She leaned down and kissed him on the cheek, dropping something infront of his coffee mug. Daniel frowned and looked down, it was a pregnancy test. It said positive.

3. Rodney was cooking dinner for her, he'd do it whenever he was in town. Since she left Atlantis, she only got to see Rodney once every two months or so, and when Sam wasn't expected him, he'd cook dinner. Just like tonight. Sam was sitting on the kitchen counter, as they talked and he handed her a glass of wine. Taking it with a smile, Sam took a sip and noticed something sparkling on its stem. Grabbing the empty glass beside her, which was meant for Rodney, Sam poured her wine into it, and looked. A diamond ring was on the stem. The only other thing she could do was mumble yes, a smile playing on her lips.

4. Teal'c told a joke. Everyone got the joke. It was really weird, as SG-1 sat around the kitchen counter, wine glasses and beer bottles in front of them as they dug through the chinese take-out, Teal'c told a joke.

5. No one should have sex on the kitchen counter. At least thats what the remaining members of SG-1 thought when they walked into Cameron's house with dinner, to see, the not so pleasent sight of him having sex, on the kitchen counter. With Elizabeth Weir. Dishes dropped, food splattered everywhere and a few snide comments about how Cameron should really start working out again were made as they all vowed never to eat, or touch the counter again.


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